The Association of Jersey Charities is the representative body of the majority of charitable organisations operating in Jersey, founded in 1971.The Association is incorporated under the "Lois (1862 - 1963) sur les teneures en fideicommis et l'incorporation d'associations".

The Association of Jersey Charities exists to provide guidance to and be a source of funding for its members. Jersey charities are welcome to apply to be members, but to establish as a local charity is not dependent upon Association membership. The Association receives the Jersey share of the Channel Islands’ Lottery profits from the Economic Development Ministry to distribute to our members according to need. This funding is therefore dependent on the success of the Lottery. You will also be able to find out more about volunteering opportunities, how to donate to your favourite charity, visit our events diary page which lists charity events on the island and much much more!


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Name : Lyn Wilton, Administrator

Address : PO Box 356, St Helier, JE4 9YZ

Phone01534 840138






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