Brightly Jersey exists to support looked after children and young people, up to the age of 25, in Jersey, who are in residential care, foster care, leaving care or deemed to be vulnerable. We provide a range of support which is aimed at enhancing the life experiences of these vulnerable children and young people.

To enrich the lives of vulnerable children and young people by supporting them through difficult times, identifying and addressing their unmet needs and thereby restoring their self confidence and trust in those around them as they mature and grow.

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Barney, who we helped whilst he was at university. Please see below his story:-

Attending university in itself has its challenges, worries and excitements of a course. However, going to university as a care leaver enhances all of those feelings, more so the worries and challenges. I have been studying Criminology and Criminal Justice studies for 3 years now; as my course neared the end, the light at the end of the tunnel was within sight, that being; Graduation.

I knew I wanted to make this day one of the best of my life. All that hard work I had put into my course would finally pay off. Walking on to that stage, wearing the gown, the hat, holding the certificate, I had to make this day special. However to make it special, brings a cost, a very large cost. One a care leaver, student couldn't afford, without something extraordinary and that is exactly what the Brig-y- Don Children’s Charity are extraordinary and the people that support and help fund this charity.

They helped me a lot financially and ensured I could attend my graduation and celebrate my success. In simple terms, if it were not for the Brightly Jersey Charity I would not have been able to attend graduation and complete my course due to the costs.

The Charity made it possible for me to feel valued, appreciate my success and for that day made me feel fortunate for what my life is, despite the difficulties and disadvantages I have faced in my younger years throughout my time in care.

The foundations to my career are now laid, and the path to success is there, for me to follow, walk down and make a difference with my life, something I am very grateful for, the support offered to me by the Brightly Jersey Charity, and all those who donate towards it.

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