bonboncoland is a wonderland of chocolate and confectionery characters, shrubs, trees, avalanches and volcanoes. We hope you enjoy your visit!

As a chocolatier and designer from Jersey, I’d visited some of the finest chocolateries in the world, noticing that their biggest, complicated constructions were fragile and travelled badly. I began to solve this problem by creating edible, table centrepieces over 1kg in weight, requiring a dinner party of over 20 people to devour the content. They sold well, were feted as ‘works of art’ and I was invited to talk to local groups about my work. People kept telling me how wonderful it must be to be a chocolatier, but I noticed they weren’t able to take part in the fun element of construction.
A lightbulb moment came whilst editing our twin girls dissertations, using an earlier one I’d written on personalisation for insight. This encouraged me to experiment with what we’ve come to know today as Experiential/Theatrical Retail.
I concentrated my efforts on providing customers with personalised experiences. The bonboncoland..TM idea of constructible chocolate/confectionery characters, Shrubs/Trees/Avalanches/Volcanoes, grew from there.
I perfected a method enabling customers to take part in the construction element of being a chocolatier the bonboncoland.TM way.
When people saw the range in it’s entirety, they were both impressed and excited. Exclamations of ‘Wow! This is bonkers!’ resonated. A happy play on words and obvious reference to ‘bonbon’ as a sweet treat meant bonboncoland.TM was born.  is the bridge between fine chocolate and confectionery.
I consistently receive 5 star reviews for my range of chocolate and confectionery kits, whether personalised and sent online or made up at live events.
Every tree, for example has x 2 delicious chocolate demi-spheres inside the crown of the tree. The plant pot’s filled with the same. This pot can be used time and time again to bake a cupcake.
Every product we sell comes with a ‘Munch Whilst You Make’ pack to keep mouths and fingers busy, so as not to compromise the main construction.
A ‘Yummy Gummy Garden Worm’ is placed in the centre of my ‘Shrubs’.
My Avalanches/Volcanoes engulf selected gummy characters.
So many excellent USP’s!
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