Christmas Wellbeing Challenge

That week between Christmas and New Year is weird right? Like, do we cut back down on the chocolates... or just motor through to get them all eaten? Do we get our heads back into work/life routine… or have a mid-day drink? Do we get the workout gear on… or watch Home Alone 2?

Subject: Christmas Wellbeing Challenge is starting tomorrow

December 1st is the start to your new approach to a happy and healthy Christmas season. Have you joined? Or are you thinking… “nah, I don’t have the time / energy to focus on myself at all this December!”

I get it! Life happens – especially at Christmas time!

But if you want to get through this busy, stressful, overwhelming and excessive month with experts here to help you keep physically, mentally and energetically happy and healthy – then NOW is your final chance to join the Consistency Through Christmas Wellbeing Challenge!

If you want to join – this is all you have to do!

Step 1: Click this link NOW and join!

Step 2: Join the Pop Up Challenge Facebook Group (link inside the sign up thank you email!)

Step 3: Watch the welcome video inside the Challenge group and say hello!

Don’t forget – everything you will discover inside this Wellbeing Challenge will lead you to a whole new journey to health and happiness in 2022. Get your head start NOW and there will be ZERO sign of January Blues in 2022! What could be better than that!?



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