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We provide an array of games and amusements for events, parties and functions. Amuse Me Event Hire delivers new heights of fun for every occasion and celebration, including, but not limited to Magic Mirrors, Pool Tables, Air Hockey, Football Tables, Basketball Machines, Boxing Machines And Mr Hammer

Mirror Me Booth – taking photo booth fun to a whole new level.

As participants walk up to the mirror, colorful animations and a voice guidance invite them to engage in a magical, interactive “selfie” experience presenting a photo keepsake.

The Mirror Me Booth is a unique photo-generating product offering the latest technology in interactive picture taking. The full-length mirror offers a sleek design and a user-friendly interface, communicating with your guests through a touch screen of colorful animations and entertaining voice guidance.With a customizable workflow and layout builder, you can choose from a wide array of features to include in the interactive photo-taking experience. Choose to include voice guidance, gesture & movement detection, vibrant animations, touch based photo-signing, emoji stamping, interactive contests, social games, colorful photo countdowns and more.

Each and every animation has been especially created to offer bright and colorful graphics that will engage your participants. These animations are ready-to-use, tailored to specific events and even offered in a variety of different languages.

All animations include professionally recorded voice-overs.

Ideal For Hen Parties And Weddings

The Mirror Me Booth (and this bride’s smile) make for a magical wedding experience you have to see

The Mirror Me Booth is a versatile photo booth. With the ability to create video and audio recordings, participants can use this feature as a way to record a message at a wedding or simply to record a funny video clip with friends.

Perfect for Proms and Parties

With children’s animations integrated in the software, you can offer your guests an interactive photo booth. Whether it’s for a birthday party, carnival or charity event, children can enjoy the magic of the Mirror Me Booth and interact with lively animations while getting an exciting keepsake from the event.

Fun For Corporate Events And Festive Parties

While the digital camera captures the photos, the software transforms these photos into a GIF or a video file which can easily be sent to your email or shared to social channels.

Every aspect of the Mirror Me Booth makes sure your participants walk away with a smile. With the Photo Retake feature, the participant has the option to retake a photo in a seamless, time-efficient manner that ensures satisfaction.

Great for Corporate Events and Functions – Providing excellent entertainment for your guests and clients alike


Magic Mirror £425 (3 Hour Hire) – Extension to this available upon request

Pinball £430 (Weekend Hire)

Basket Ball £695 (Weekend Hire)

Air Hockey £550 (Weekend Hire)

Pool Table £375 (Weekend Hire)


Easy Pool Set-Up £195 (Overnight Hire)

Football Table £315 (Weekend Hire)

Boxing Machine £495 (Weekend Hire)

Mr Hammer Machine £435 (Weekend Hire)


Classic Arcade Upright £295 (Weekend Hire)

Classic Arcade Table £295 (Weekend Hire)

Poker/Blackjack Table  2 1/2hrs with croupier/dealer Fits up to 10 persons £395 (10x chairs £35) – (Weekend Hire)

Coin Pusher £295 (Weekend Hire)

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