Genuine Martin, Product of Jersey

I am a musician and songwriter with cheeky lyrical frolics, engaging storytelling, sing-a-long-a-bility laced with the inviting aromas of entertainment – people describe a Martin experience as something between Victoria Wood/ Tim Minchin-esq and the local legendary Sargent Pipons Lonely Hearts Club Band (AKA Wet Wet le Geyt / Le Brun DMC, Dumersque Street Preachers etc…) 

My shows are the simply the most fun I’ve ever had.  It’s just a keyboard and an audience and me – maybe a handful of tea towels, a nose flute some whistles and bells. Playing in this way I get to infuse all my eclectic musical influences – from all sorts of jazz & blues, Pop & rock, latin & world, music hall and theatre. I’ve done lots of things with all sorts of people in various places for my international musical career and I’m very proud to have played with some fantastic musicians too; performing on all sides of the tunnel and beyond.  All my projects are designed to positively impact the island and these include Jersey Street Pianos, Badlabecques, Jazz in the Park and magnificent exotic theatrical band The Crack.   Having had the experience of playing large public concerts, theatres, all manner of parties and celebrations, on a toilet as a Time Travelling Kazooist in Romerils (yes, this is right) and as an occasional Musical Director, I have decided that playing my original music is exactly what’s needed for Jersey right now and forever.  I think it’s always sensible to tell the story behind titles like ‘Island Games Orgy’, ‘Bigger than an Elephant’, ‘Bum Sniffers Paradise’, ‘The Cracking Wet Tips’ and ‘I Vote Therefore I Am’. You might arrive at my gig with curious expectations, but you’ll leave with a feeling of elation that goes along with permissive naughtiness and a longing for a some more. I want to play in rural, cosy venues with a good community where music is perhaps isn’t a typical thing – and I’d also welcome private bookings – get in touch!

Contact Details 

Mobile phone: 077977 77745 

Email:  [email protected] 





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