Noya Shapla

Noya Shapla, is one of Jersey’s hottest restaurants perfectly situated in Charing Cross, the heart of St Aubin, a location gifted with great views that are well recognised by locals. Noya Shapla is the ideal place to enjoy the finest, authentic Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine.

Noya Shapla, Charing Cross, St Aubin, St Brelade – 01534 746495 / 01534 607091


Perfectly situated in Charing Cross, the heart of St Aubin, a location gifted with great views that are well recognised by locals, Noya Shapla is the ideal place to enjoy the finest, authentic Indian and Bangladeshi cuisine. Join us in our relaxed surroundings where customers have fun, celebrate, make new memories with family and friends and then come back to do it all over again.

The Noya Shapla team only offer freshly prepared food using the finest ingredients to ensure that customers are given tantalisingly rich signature dishes for both locals and tourists to enjoy. Come to Noya Shapla to enjoy a sophisticated and unforgettable dining experience from our charming staff that will cater for your every need. We hope to see you soon.

We also offer outdoor catering at your arranged venue to help make your special occasions all the more memorable.

Cuisine Type

Indian & Bangladeshi

Noya Shapla offers sophisticated grilled Indian cuisine with a desire to grill, tandoor and sear a multitude of fresh premium quality ingredients, clothed, marinated and dipped in secret and unusual combinations, the food at NS is prepared for sharing.

Our wide variety of grilled Indian flavoured ingredients fused with Eastern promise, offers an unusual gourmet journey to please the palates of a wide range of discerning diners. For vegetarians the kitchen offers different vegetable delights and unusual salads.

For seafood lovers the world goes well beyond and including oysters; char-grilled jumbo prawns, monkfish tikka, king scallops, blue swimmer crab kebab and many more. Also, the meat is venison, wild fowl, and poultry which are served in a variety of styles: from the mouthwatering lamb kebab.

The result is a deeply memorable Asian epicurean adventure of eclectic Indian dishes, often unexplored, all freshly prepared, on view, and exquisitely presented.

Lunch Menu

Full of natural light with a modern kitchen offering an array of salads, sea-food and light flavourful grilled meats and vegetables, Noya Shapla offers a perfect menu for lunch time set meals.

Being based in the inspiring environment in the heart of St Aubin,situated in the former NatWest building opposite St Brelade’s Parish Hall.

Our Lunch menu is created using the diverse ingredients available and in season.

We have a simple but mindful approach to our cooking that allows the ingredients to dictate the menu
but to be prepared in such a way as to show them at their absolute best.

We cook our food over a special fired grill,respecting the simplicity of this method encourages us to focus on the ingredient being cooked with it and the flavours that can develop as a result.

Early Bird Menu

We want to be able to cook and eat food without guilt and this means dealing directly with growers,fishermen and farmers who understand
how to make the most of seasonal produce and at the same time minimize the impact on our environment.

All our suppliers care as passionately as we do about the provenance of our ingredients and we work with them to be more considerate of the produce we use.

In this day and age, everyone is clued up. People have travelled, so they know what authentic food should taste like,
and people work hard, so when you come to our restaurant, you will feel relax and satisfied.


Dessert Menu

We’ve grown from strength to strength, fought off hoards of copycats (miaow) and become Jersey’s most favourite around the Island.

We’re proud, naturally, to have given the islanders some of the best desserts known to man – but we’re even more proud of our commitment to diversity.

People matter more to us than anything else (even ice-cream) and we open our arms to everyone, both as customers and in our resturant team.

A bit like our desserts really – very colourful and lots of variety.

We want every visit to Noya Shapla to be an indulgent adventure for the senses and we see our desserts as ‘every day celebrations’.

Once you’ve experienced Noya Shapla desserts we reckon you’ll be looking to celebrate something – anything! – every day.

Quality Wines & Cocktails

At Noya Shapla’s, we are proud to offer a wine list comprised exclusively of all-natural wines.
We have after-dinner cocktails and wines that have been specially selected by a local quality wine expert to complement the cuisine.

Our beverage selection is famously compatible with our cuisine, providing a hand-picked range of exceptional wines, some available by the glass, and innovative cocktails.

Our mixologists focus on fabulous flavours using fresh seasonal ingredients. The element of surprise lifts the spirits.

Opening Hours

Open every day

5:30pm-11:30pm Sunday to Thursday
5:30pm-12:00am Friday to Saturday


12pm-2pm everyday


Email: [email protected]







I have been visiting the island of jersey for about 19 years now, and this is defiantly the best curry house I have been too. The staff are very welcoming, the food is amazing and the location is perfect, just by the harbour. Excellent atmosphere. Suitable for all occlusions and tastes.
– Grace T

Sunday lunch was just lovely. The food is just amazing. We eat a lot of Indian and this was close to if not the best… really!
– cliffandsarah2016


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