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Construction of Elizabeth Castle commenced in 1594, on account of Jersey's existing stronghold being unable to resist cannon attacks. Building continued in the early 17th century under the supervision of Jersey's then governor, Sir Walter Raleigh. The castle soon became the Governor's official residence.

Since then, it has regularly seen military action: it was bombarded by Parliamentarian forces during the English civil war; held captured French prisoners during the Seven Years War; repelled a French invasion, led by Baron Phillipe de Rullecourt, during the 18th century Battle of Jersey; and was modernised and used by the Germans when the Channel Islands were occupied during the second world war.

The Castle can be accessed by causeway during low tide, and by the “puddle duck” at other times. The Castle now offers great views out to sea, lots of rooms and grounds to explore, various exhibition rooms containing military memorabilia, together with guided tours and highly-rated historical re-enactments.


1) Enjoy exploring all the hidden rooms, passageways and bunkers.

2) Take in the breathtaking views around the bay and the south coast of Jersey from the top of the Mount.

3) See the St Helier Hermitage and take a stroll to the end of the breakwater, which extends 1.5 miles out to sea.

4) Download the Elizabeth Castle App from Google Play or the Apple App Store and enjoy a guided tour of the Castle.

5) Take a tour of Elizabeth Castle with our of our volunteer guides – find out more here

Opening Times 2021

Open daily from 17 March until 1 November – 10am to 5.30pm

1 January to 17 March
9 and 10 September for International Air Display
2 November to 31 December

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