Pyrdlove (pronounced Period love)

We are a women owned local company here to help women and girls action their environmental care goals by providing reusable, environmentally friendly and quality period underwear and swimwear. The underwear is a replacement for one time use tampons and hygiene pads (that are 90% plastic). 

Our products are made with comfort and style in mind while infused with 4 layers of special absorbent material that provides protection against any leakage during the special time of the month and wicks away moisture from the skin while preventing any leakage. Our pants are made to last for up to 180 washes which translates to 10 year’s savings on money and the environment. We are a true sustainability enabling company.Our underwear are designed with ease of use and functionality in mind. To use them during the time of the month, simply wear like regular knickers/panties. This makes them the natural choice of product for girls starting their menses, or for people with any mobility issues. Or for anyone who values comfort, simplicity and style.

Education and eradication of menstrual taboo – Our approach in the market is to educate women and girls on better ways to manage their periods, to work with their bodies and improve self image. We are talking about menstruation openly, encouraging dialogue everywhere with an aim to reduce menstrual taboo. We are also working with a team in Kenya to give reusable period products to girls in secondary schools.

Contact Details;

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 07797 820472

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