Recycle for Philip's Footprints

Recycle for Philip's Footprints is run by a small group of volunteers who want to support a charity whilst doing things in an environmentally sustainable fashion.  

Many will know we offer a recycling scheme with drop off sites in big supermarkets and the recycling centre, but we also produce eco-friendly craft products through the work of a network of crafters who donate their time and resources generously.We make 100% soy wax candles using vintage Teacups (mostly from charity shops) and repurposed Douwe Egberts coffee jars.  These are vegan, natural and cruelty free.

We have a talented lady who makes sewn items for us such as bags and lavender bags.  We get most of our lavender fresh from bushes in Jersey thanks to our many followers.We also have a number of crochet ‘hookers’ and knitters making a variety of items from toys, to scrunchies, to scarves and ear warmers and eco swaps such as reusable cotton rounds.  Many people make us cat toys too and we fill these mostly with donated local cat nip (very strong stuff! I have to lock it away from my kitties as they would destroy our stock!).  Our crafters use yarns left over from other projects to save them from the waste.  We also have a stock of old, washed cushions to use for stuffing!Another volunteer makes charming cake stands from vintage plates, many of which are rescued from waste streams too and any others have been bought from charity shops.  There’s a cake stand to meet all tastes available!

Contact Details 

Louise Carson

Tel: 07797 760958

Email: [email protected] 

Website: Philip`s Footprints

Facebook: Recycle for Philips Footprints

Instagram: philips_footprints





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