Farm Shops and Honesty Boxes

Jersey has always been proud of its traditional farming heritage. Today the island boasts a number of Farm Shops selling high quality fruit and vegetables with an emphasis on fresh local products. The Farm Shops benefit not only from generations of farming knowledge, but also the island's temperate climate and rich soil enables Jersey's farmers to produce an amazing array of delicious fruits like strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries, black currants and ripe, juicy melons.

Honesty is the best policy

Visitors to Jersey are often confused by the ‘Honesty Boxes’ and farm stalls which can be found dotted around the island. Usually located at the side of the road, the boxes are an opportunity to stop off and choose from a range of farm fresh eggs, potatoes, fruit and vegetables. The stalls are generally left unattended and the buyer is trusted to leave the cash for the purchased products in the box provided. A sure sign of Jersey’s generous and trusting nature and a frank display of the warm welcome the island holds for anyone who wishes to explore our beautiful island.

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Here at Homefield’s we are extremely proud of our traditional farm shop. From what started out as a little tin shed at the bottom of the yard selling whatever seasonal produce we had in that day, we have grown into a fully stocked Green Grocers. We now sell a wide range of fresh fruit and vegetables focusing on seasonal Jersey produce when it’s available, as well as a variety of freshly baked Bread, patisseries and cakes, free range eggs from local farms and many Jersey Dairy products.Jersey Wonders by Babs specialises in the making and sale of Jersey Wonders, a product unique to Jersey and part of the Island’s heritage. Ensuring that the ingredients are faithful to the recipe passed down through generations of our family, we supply Jersey Wonders to locals and visitors alike, both directly and via our wholesale clients.




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