…As the Actress said to the Bishop!

ACT present the return of their comic creation; SAD – the Society of Amateur Dramatics! Having butchered the Bard and demolished Dickens this merry, if somewhat inept (and yet oddly familiar), band of amateur thespians take on their latest challenge; the Federation of Artistes, Raconteurs and Thespians’ festival of theatrical endeavour known to one and all as FART fest 2019!

Armed with a plethora of party pieces, the members of SAD are determined to demonstrate the breadth, and length, of their thespianic talents to their peers. But lurking in the wings, equally determined to eclipse their misguided efforts, are their arch rivals the denizens of the Tania Wannabee Amateur Theatrical Society (who tend not to use their acronym)!

It’s time to find out what happens when the irresistible farce meets the immovably objectionable.

Warning: contains very strong language and adult subject matter  – suitable for 13 years +

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