Caring Cooks of Jersey – Food Education Conference

We are delighted to be hosting Jerseys first Food Education Conference on 1st March 2018 at the Concert Hall at Highlands College, from 9am to 2pm, and we would love for you to attend.

In Jersey, our tight employment and housing regulations, mean we are very much reliant on the children of today growing up to become healthy and educated adults, able to support the Islands community and economy. But with 1 in 3 children leaving primary school with a weight problem and growing obesity rates across the Island, this may not be the case. Education from an early age is key to reversing the trend, and giving children the positive path they need to live fulfilling, active and prosperous lives.

The inaugural Food Education Conference focusses on food and nutrition education across Key Stage 1 and 2, encompassing planting, growing, cooking and nutrition. With the support of the States of Jersey Health and Education departments, you will hear from inspirational and expert speakers from the UK and Jersey, who are supporting us to grow our passion and involvement with food and nutrition education, and create an environment, where our children begin to teach essential life skills to their future generations. It will also highlight the fantastic work that is already happening through Caring Cooks and our Kitchen Garden Project and Let’s Get Cooking Programme.

The conference is open to, and appropriate for everyone with an interest in food, children, education, securing the future of our Island, the list is endless and its for everyone really! Its also a great opportunity for local businesses to learn about our work in the Island with a view to supporting Caring Cooks with their volunteering and CSR programmes as well as allowing employees, parents or not, to attend so that they can take learnings home to their children, families and community.

Tickets are just 25.00, which includes lunch and we hope you will leave the conference with an understanding of the importance of a food ethos in the early years and how diet related illness in children will have an impact on our community and workplace in the future.

Check out our exciting and inspirational speakers and get your tickets today!

We look forward to seeing you in March,

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