Clown: Play and Presence with Frank Wurzinger

2018-04-07 11:00 am - 2018-04-09 4:00 pm

3 sessions

“Every human being is a clown but only few have the courage to show it” – Charlie Rivel

This new course for Jersey Arts Centre is open for anyone interested in performance and theatre making. In this 3 day course you will get the chance to work with Frank Wurzinger: theatre maker, workshop leader, actor, director and modern clown!

Clowns might be simple and truthful or outrageously and joyfully over the top. We are looking at ways of staying optimistic and finding the game in the worst situations. Through a series of movement exercises and games we liberate ourselves from blocks and inhibitions to find the freedom to be ourselves and play with anything. We will play with the red nose, slapstick, status and explore the edge of what is acceptable. How do we individually make people laugh? When does comedy become tragedy? In this workshop we will devise routines, which we will share with an invited audience at the end of the course.

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