Dragon Boat Festival 2018

Come and join in the fastest growing team water sport in the world!

Did you know that dragon boat racing – the colourful, competitive water sport started in China more than 2,000 years ago – has been rated the second most popular sport in the world?

A dragon boat is a spectacular 40-foot long canoe-like vessel with an ornately carved dragon’s head and tail. One person sits as a helm, keeping the boat in course with a giant paddle, while a drummer sits in the prow, beating out the time and 16 people, sitting in pairs do the paddling.

The challenge is not so much the paddling technique, but in trying to synchronise with the other paddlers in your boat.

With no experience needed – just loads of enthusiasm – the festival has become a fantastic event for groups of friends and colleagues, where you can expect to enjoy a fun day out with a great carnival atmosphere.

We are incredibly grateful to our Title Sponsors, Condor Ferries, for their ongoing support for this event.

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