Electric Park 2019

A one-day all ages Music Festival held at Howard Davis Park in Jersey on 17 August 2019

The Kooks
Laid Blak

4:00pm until 10:30pm



Children: If aged 16 years & below you need to be accompanied by an adult of 18 years or over. It is not recommended to bring children 5 years & under to the event as their hearing is under-developed & amplified music could potentially cause damage.

Prohibited: Umbrellas, chairs (all deemed an obstruction), glass, food & drink, bottles, cans, canisters.

Illegal Substances: Get rid of them in the entrance gate amnesty bins. Do not attempt to bring illegal substances on site as you stand a very real chance of being caught and subsequently arrested. The same applies to anything that is deemed to be an offensive weapon.

Food & Drink: There are plenty of quality catering outlets offering a fine array of tasteful delights & refreshments. The event caterers are fully insured and registered with the States of Jersey Public Health Service.

Age Policy: People do not have to be 18 years to attend the event, however they must be 18 years or over to purchase alcoholic drinks. A Challenge 25 Policy is in operation at the bars. If you are lucky enough to look under 25 years old, you will be asked to prove that you are 18 years and above if you wish to buy alcohol. The YOTI system will be employed and the tent will be located at the entrance where you can receive a wristband. You will need to produce your YOTI ID. Download the app here www.yoti.com

Drinking Responsibly: Alcohol dehydrates!! If drinking alcoholic drinks, please ensure you do so responsibly. Pace yourself and top up throughout the day with plenty of water or soft drinks to stay hydrated. Do not drink and drive, it endangers the lives of yourself and others and you risk losing your license! The organisers strongly recommend that people travelling to the event, use public buses or designate a non-alcohol drinking driver to be responsible for your car journeys.

Litter: Please keep Howard Davis Park tidy. Be responsible not to create litter! There are plenty of bins provided on site, so please use them! Please respect the areas surrounding Howard Davis Park and use the bins to dispose of any litter.

Toilets: Please ensure to respect people using the toilet after you by keeping it clean, as you would like to find it.

Lost Property: Lost Property can be found at the Event Shop. Any lost property remaining after the event will be held by the organisers who can be contacted at [email protected] Please hand in any lost property at the Event Shop.

Conduct: Unsociable behaviour will not be tolerated, and it will result in eviction from the event. Anyone attempting to throw projectiles will be arrested immediately and prosecuted. Please respect other attendees and security/stewards.

Weather & Sound: Please be aware that prolonged exposure to amplified sound may cause permanent hearing damage. Beware of prolonged exposure to the sun. Ensure you use UV protective sun cream.

Disabled Customers: The event allows easy access to all areas and a viewing platform for wheelchair users and those with disabilities. Guide dogs for the blind and/or deaf are the only animals permitted onto the park. There is a disabled toilet near to the entry point.

Travel information: Check with the local bus company ‘Liberty Bus’. It is best to arrange your journey home prior to coming to the event, check bus times, taxi services and ensure to leave in plenty of time to get home safely.

Our Neighbour’s: The organisers are extremely privileged to be able to use Howard Davis Park and would like to continue to do so year after year. Your help is needed to keep the local community happy. Please ensure you leave the event quietly. Do not litter the roads. Do not park vehicles in any of the nearby roads. Apart from causing an annoyance to the residents, you will be towed away by the local authority representatives. There are temporary road restrictions surrounding the event. Please follow the plan and ensure you park responsibly.

No re-entry unless under exceptional circumstances.

Have a great day!

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