Emma Bache. Reading Between the Lines: What Your Handwriting Says About You

Are you creative, with a strong imagination? Or easily distracted and oversensitive? Do you have a strong physical and sexual drive? How well do you work as part of a team? How suited are you, really, to your partner? Who is the office sociopath? The answer to all these questions are many more can be revealed by your handwriting

Emma Bache is the UK’s leading handwriting expert, analysing writing from everyone from CEOs to celebrities, and even helping to solve fraud cases. Emma’s fascinating book, Reading Between the Lines, reveals the secrets of graphology. Every element of your handwriting – from the height of an ‘h’, through the curliness of a ‘g’ to the pressure of pen on paper – is a collection of involuntary signals. Learn to interpret these and you can learn more about your colleagues, friends, lovers and even yourself than you ever imagined.

Free admission, booking essential.

Jersey Library is pleased to present this event as part of the Jersey Festival of Words 2018.

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