Festival Weekend: Luke Wright: Frankie Vah

2018-01-21 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

We all want something to believe in. It’s 1987 and Frankie Vah gorges on love, radical politics, and skuzzy indie stardom. But can he keep it all down?

Following the multi-award-winning What I Learned From Johnny Bevan, Luke Wright’s second verse play deals with love, loss, and belief, against a backdrop of skuzzy indie venues and 80s politics. Expect frenetic guitars, visceral verse, and a Morrissey-sized measure of heartache.

Written and performed in deft verse by Fringe First and Stage Award for Acting Excellence winner, Luke Wright.

“With Frankie Vah, he’s managed to craft a gorgeously-worded powerhouse of a play, in one of the only verse dramas that could claim to get a crowd cheering and stamping their feet throughout. Again” – Broadway Baby

Contains strong language. Suitable for 14 years +

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