Go Wild for Durrell

Take a walk on the wild side, and unleash your animal spirit to help raise funds for Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. On Friday 15 February, we’re calling on all our supporters, anywhere in the world to enjoy a day of wild activities and fundraise wildly for the world’s endangered species.

Did you know that Durrell is an international charity and that it costs over £8 million to run every year? Since 1959, we’ve been on a mission to save species from extinction. We’ve made great progress, but need your support to continue our work as the world’s animals and their habitats face constant threat. They need your help now, more than ever.

Whether you’re at home, in the workplace, at school, or part of a club or team, we invite you to come up with your unique take on ‘wild’, and take part in an animal-inspired fundraising activity of your choice.

So wear it, bake it or workout WILD – just remember on Friday 15 February to have fun and raise funds wildly for Durrell – help us achieve our vision for a wilder, healthier, more colourful world!

What’s your wildest fundraising idea?

  • Dress-up day: Are you a queen bee or a silverback gorilla?
  • Sponsored dip: Swim like an otter.
  • Chin-up challenge: Are you as strong as a Sumatran orangutan?
  • Take a walk on the wild side: Take your team on a barefoot stroll during your lunch break.
  • Sponsored run: Can you out-race a Saint Lucia racer snake?
  • Bake off: Make palm oil free, orangutan-friendly cupcakes to sell at work or school.
  • Sponsored yoga class: Can you balance like a Chilean flamingo?
  • Karaoke competition: Sing like a Sumatran laughingthrush.

Prizes will be awarded for the most:

  • Wildly creative fundraising idea
  • Funds raised by a school or nursery
  • Funds raised by an organisation
  • Funds raised by a club or team

Winners will be announced after Friday 15 February via email and on social media.

Sign up information coming soon…


Tell us about your chosen, wild fundraising activity via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, using the hashtag #GoWildForDurrell.

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