Happy Hour

2019-07-24 8:00 pm - 2019-07-25 10:00 pm

Frida Khalo Productions and Richard Jordan Productions in association with Teater Grob, Teatro Metastasio, Jersey Arts Centre, WEC & Bags Entertainment

“We got to dance. We have to dance. Every morning. And every night. And we have to smile. Who does not smile is punished. Who protests, is punished. And every day, goes by the same”

Kerfuffle is a boy – a champion of the world. Ado is a girl. Mum and Dad are happy. That’s because it is compulsory.

From the award-winning team that brought ‘La Merda’ to Jersey Arts Centre, this new piece of contemporary theatre imagines a world in which a unique and highly effective brand of totalitarianism is emerging; one where cheerfulness is compulsory – “a dictatorship of happiness”.

You might just die laughing…

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