In the footsteps of the Mammoth Hunters – A Geowalk with Jersey Uncovered

This walk starts at Ouaisne and goes across the beach and the wave cut platform to the bottom of the ravine. One of the most important Paleolithic sites in Europe, the bones of mammoth and woolly rhinoceros have been found here, along with evidence of multiple occupations of Neanderthal man who walked here during colder periods when we were joined to France and used the cave as a shelter and home. From the beach we can go onto the headland up a steep narrow path onto the plateau to look down into the ravine and then complete the walk by walking through one of the large quarries in the area. This is an adventurous walk, and requires a certain level of fitness and agility.

Cost : £10 per person, children free.

To book contact Nicky at [email protected].

The exact meeting point and times will be given on booking.

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