Introduction to dōTERRA Medicinal Essential oils

This class is for you if you are ready to explore new ways to lead your lifestyle, boost your health and create a natural, non-toxic environment at home and your workplace.

Come along to learn about the basics of essential oils where you will learn the benefits and uses for doTERRA’s most popular oils

You will learn how to use nature’s solutions to:

~ Support tired, aching joints
~ How to reduce muscular discomfort before and after exercise
~ Support optimal oral health
~ Support immunity
~ Reduce the toxic chemicals in your home (cleaning products and health & beauty products) to protect your pets and small children
~ How to purify air when it’s full of BACTERIA and VIRUSES from colds, flu and sore throats
~ How to apply and what to apply topically to calm anxiety and soothe emotions and boost your mood.
~ What essential oils to apply topically to relieve skin irritation, bug bites, bee stings.
~ Support restful sleep
~ How to soothe a dry cough and sore throat
~ How to naturally calm headaches
~ Spot and acne treatment
~ Support digestive concern

and many more uses for these amazing essential oils

Naturally Safe Purely effective…the essentials that families need on a daily basis to care for themselves and their children.

Booking required £10.00


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