Irish Ways

2019-05-18 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

A programme of recent short documentaries from Ireland, showing characters, each exceptional in their own way, and also showing certain timeless Irish practices. In ‘For When I Die’ (Paul Power), we meet an elderly woman who is cheerfully awaiting death. ‘Somebody, Somewhere, Who Looks After Critters’ (Sarah Ingersoll) shows a man who, after a troubled life, now cares for ‘critters’. ‘The Last Miner’ (Luke Brabazon) is a portrait of a man continuing to work an abandoned mine. ‘Inhale’ (Sean Mullan) reveals a man who transcends grief by training horses.

‘The Vasectomy Doctor’ (Ronan Cassidy) documents the first doctor in Ireland to perform vasectomies and the consequences for him of this, at the time, illegal practice.

‘The Reek’ documents an age-old Irish ritual of climbing a mountain of religious significance. The programme ends with the World Premiere of ‘Naomhoga Chorcai / The Currach Boats of Cork’ (Stephen Bean), celebrating the continuing practice of building those traditional vessels.

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