JSPCA “Design a Mask Competition”

Jersey Primary Schools have now been contacted to take part in a “Design an Animal Mask Competition”, which is part of the JSPCA 150th Anniversary Celebrations this year.

The competition is open from today and the closing date is 24th May 2018.

The competition is open to all students and they can choose any animal. We have asked that the headteachers pick the winning mask on the 24th May and that it is brought to the JSPCA to be displayed.

The winning student, and their parents, from each school will be invited to the JSPCA for a “Behind the Scenes” tour.

There will also be a social media and local news coverage ie. a facebook post displaying the mask along with the student’s name and school. A picture in the JEP of the winning children and their masks.

The competition is also open to home schooled children.

Good luck to everyone and we look forward to seeing your wonderful designs.

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