JSPCA #DogHouseJersey

On Friday 7th June we will be locking up 12 contestants for a full working day in the JSPCA Kennels. – We are looking for each contestant to raise a minimum sponsorship of £100 to enter this event. Whoever raises the most will claim their rise to fame and become Jersey’s “Top Dog”. – Each contestant should bring their laptop and phone, to be able to fundraise and blog throughout the day. This is a great way to promote their own business too, invite their colleagues down for support or even just to bring a coffee or snack. – Treats will be added if you are on your best behaviour – a chair, extra blankets, tea, coffee and biscuits. “Provide their own food (lunch)” – 2 walks during the day will be provided – a chance to stretch their legs in our wonderful cotil area and nature trail with some of our resident dogs. – Contestant #No1. Ali Rothwell (Founder of Fairway). We are thrilled to welcome Ali as Fairway is one of our Corporate Sponsors for 2019. – So… go on….. “Why not nominate your own boss? Employees spread the word and contact us regarding your workplace nominations before 1st May”. Closing date for all applications is 27th May, we will then be in touch to organise the event details. #DogHouseJersey is a huge event for the JSPCA and we would love your support. We will be interviewing the contestants, live feeds and coverage and highlighting the importance of how long animals can live in kennels or in a rescue environment. So make sure you follow us on the day! For more info contact [email protected]


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