Life without limits firewalk seminar

The ultimate transformational experience!
If you are looking for a truly life changing experience…You’ve found it!
Get your tickets now as places are strictly limited and this is the final opportunity this year.

Life without limits firewalk.

Early bird offer and a special gift for the first twelve people to register! Act now.
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Your chance to do something your future will thank you for!

Does that sound like a grand statement? It is, but there simply isn’t another way of saying it as anyone who has participated in this event have all said the same thing…….

It changed my life!

What it is and what it isn’t.

It’s not just a firewalk where you turn up and walk on hot coals and go home. That’s only a small part of it.

I have studied the reasons why some people make a great success out of their lives while most never seem to achieve the success in life they crave. I will share with you what I have learned through over 20 years of study and application in what will be one of the most enlightening three hours you have ever spent!

You will discover.

What is the driving force that dictates everything you do or fail to do.

The 5 second secret to overcoming procrastination forever!

How your limiting beliefs prevent you from achieving all you desire and how to change them.

The truth behind “The Secret” Why it didn’t work for you and what they failed to mention.

Why traditional goal setting doesn’t work.

The Firewalk.

Firewalking is not about thrill seeking it’s a powerful tool for changing beliefs and here is why it works. When you successfully walk on hot coals without getting burned and you will walk across unharmed. A powerful change takes place within you as you have just destroyed one of the most deeply held and earliest beliefs that you hold. What is it?

“Don’t touch the fire or you will get burned”. But when you complete a firewalk unharmed your subconscious mind takes note and subconsciously you ask the question. “If I can walk on hot coals what else can I do?

The answer to that is simply a great deal more than you ever imagined!

The arrow break.

We will also break an arrow with our throat. Why? Because as you sit in the audience you will begin to sense where your limiting beliefs are. This will be the first time you have ever experienced this realisation. Why? Because most of what I will share with you. You have never heard before and this information is essential to know if you are going to create the life you deserve. When you think about this belief you will write it on the arrow before you break it with your neck. It’s a very powerful exercise and the arrow break is a powerful metaphor for breaking through old and restrictive beliefs. (No pressure. You are free to decline)

Once a wheelchair bound friend of mine was being interviewed on television and was asked the question. “Don’t you get frustrated with being unable to do so many of the things that able bodied people can”

Without a moment’s hesitation he answered “ Before there were ten thousand things I could do and now there are five thousand things I can do. Most people are in mental wheelchairs anyway”.

This is a very true and profound statement as it is talking about the limiting beliefs people have but aren’t aware of. But you will be after you have completed my life without limits firewalk seminar.

There is a special early bird investment in your future of only £77. This is only available to the first 12 people to register so act now to avoid disappointment.

The first 12 people to act will also receive a first edition signed copy of my new book “An unbreakable spirit”

My personal story of how I overcame a life of abuse at the hands of my father and how I overcame the limiting beliefs I had as a result and went on to become of the world’s top salespeople and inspirational speakers.

I am a qualified firewalk instructor and have successfully taken hundreds of individuals safely across the coals. Now it’s your turn and your opportunity to do something that your future will thank you for. But don’t take my word for it………

Went firewalking tonight and saw it as the catwalk to the beginning of the end of my lack of belief in myself. I feel amazing and it was an amazing talk. Thanks mark! Stefanie Marsh.

Enjoyed every minute, totally relished that moment, created a sensational memory. I’ll be sure never to forget this. Thanks Mark Baker for such a unique, exhilarating experience. Highly recommended. Maureen mccabe
A fantastic evening with some amazing people…. I did the walk 3 times….everyone had a reason for doing this…and some profound reasons to let go of the past bring on the future….let go of those you don’t need and let in those that will be good for you..the future is bright….changes are coming for everyone that did this today… Rai García Singh

I thoroughly enjoyed Mark’s talk, arrow breaking and the firewalk at his event. After an incredible journey of self-discovery, massive action and a huge change in beliefs he has managed to achieve some amazing feats! His passion for authentic transformation in mindset regarding altering beliefs we pick up that aren’t helpful is infectious. it was clear the event had a very positive impact on all people’s lives that night including me. An engaging, inspiring and really fun event. Tom Faulkner. Chiropractor

My first fire walk was so amazing and exhilarating I actually made two passes over the coals on the night. For me this was the perfect event for moving forwards in life and a great metaphor for tackling life’s challenges. Thank you Mark Baker you have truly inspired me in ways I would never have imagined. I am who I was and so much more. I would highly recommend this event. Maureen McCabe.

One of the most amazing things I have ever done! But it wasn’t just the firewalk. The inspirational talk was amazing. Maurice Nobrega

Tickets available from

Also available as a company team building event. Please email me at [email protected] for further details.


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