Mireille + Mathieu: Arm

2019-05-28 7:00 pm - 2019-05-29 4:00 pm

Join Mireille and Mathieu as they unpack their paraphernalia at a flea market. Objects and toys that are bursting with stories turn into little scenes that are gentle and poetic, and sometimes cruel and comic. Within their happy world, nothing is taken seriously – it’s a place of exploration, absurd experiements and hilarious scenes.

One of Belgium’s oldest and most respected absurdist companies perform at Jersey Arts Centre for the first time.

Suitable for 8 years +

“This show has something really special about it. It’s fantastically funny and unique…60 minutes of mayhem and mystery!” – Manchester Evening News

28 May – 29 May
Tuesday: 7pm / Wednesday: 2pm

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