MLC Midlife Crisis

Midlife Crisis kick off their world tour of St Brelade with their first Gig of 2019 at The Horse & Hound

Out of tune, out of ideas and basically just a bunch of locals who played a recorder ONCE at school, having a bash at the band thing!

Full of Thatchers and clearly the talent and rock of the group, Pete has been instrumental in delivering their very unique sound!

The Brains of the out fit, John hits the skins with aplomb, his amazing talent and timing sets the tempo of that distinctive sound……. you know the one……. ah yes bricks in tumble Dryer!

They have told us they have practiced (once) new covers and are set to wow you all with, obscure soft rock covers that no one knows or cares about.

If you have something better to do like stick needles in your eyes, then this is one to miss! If not see you on the 9th, free ear muffs provided.

Always a scream and in no doubt in a crisis ladies and gentlemen we give you MLC – Mid Life Crisis we love them, You will too!

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