Movement Medicine Woman’s Circle

L’Hermitage Beaumont, 6 La Route de Beaumont Jersey, Saint-Pierre, JE3Jersey (map)

“There is no force more powerful or beautiful than Woman who come together determined to OPEN, HEAL, TRANSFORM & RISE”

A warm welcome to this space where we come together as Woman …

*We will drop into Movement As Medicine Exploring the Transformative power of the Dance.
* Voice work and Kirtan
* Drum journey
* Creative writing & Drawing
* Water Blessing
We come together to share , listen, express, inspire, heal and reconnect to one another and ourselves.
As Women once did… Since the dawn of creation..
The time of the lone wolf is over…Together we RISE

You will arrive to a Beautiful candle lit Sacred Space where we will reconnect through Movement Medicine practices & Ritual to access the power of the Sacred Feminine.
The Goddess within…
In all her facets SHE is SO WELCOME!
Opening ourselves up to new landscapes.

The Invitation is to through time Anchor and Integrate the Jewels and practices you receive into your daily life.

There will be 7 Movement Medicines Woman’s Circles in 2019

Each Gathering will have a unique flavour with different focus and practices.


Friday 25th January
Friday 12th April
Friday 10th May
Friday 14th June
Friday 12th July
Friday 11th October
Friday 9th November

There is no requirement to come to them all YET of course the more you commit to the deeper the journey and healing will be for you.

SPECIAL OFFER – if you bring a friend you both get a discount rate!

( If you come with another you both pay £15 )

OPTIONAL- There will be some time at the end to drink tea and be together so if you feel to bring a tasty small something to share wonderful!

Please be ready to begin at 7pm
(Doors open at 6.50pm and close at 7.15pm this allows us to create a safe space together)
Please wear comfy clothes to move in.
We dance bare foot ( unless you prefer soft dance shoes )
Please bring a notebook & Pen , Cushion or sheepskin to sit on, water bottle and a blanket for relaxation at the end of the session, and something small that has meaning to you and being a part of this circle at this time.
( This object is for our Alter , you will take it home again with you )
A few art materials will be provided please also bring some if you have them.

I So Look forward to embarking on this Journey with you Beautiful Ones!
Much Love


Bonnie is a fully qualified Movement Medicine Teacher and has been working with this body of work since 2009.
After graduating from The School of Movement Medicine she also completed a Continuous Professional Development Level 1 Advanced Training in working with the Heart and the SEER Process (systemic essential energy retrieval) Level 2 Advanced Training in working with Movement Medicine Ritual and Ceremony, and Level 3 Advanced Training in working with the Phoenix Process.

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