Music In Action presents: Mozart Gala

Mozart Gala – Jersey Chamber Orchestra

Soloist: Peter Donohoe

With a series of masterpieces, the “Mozart Gala” is a must see for music lovers. The program includes excerpts of works such as the Overture to Don Giovanni and arias from the Marriage of Figaro. Full of joy and musical finesse, this homage to the Salzburg genius is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience.

“Everything is composed – it’s only not written yet.”  Music seemed to come natural to the Austrian wonderkind. The Jersey Chamber Orchestra will perform some of his favourite works with the legendary piano soloist Peter Donohoe the unprecedented winner of the silver medal at the Tchaikovsky Piano Competition, performing Mozart’s ever popular Piano concerto No 20.


Overture, Don Giovanni

Piano Concerto 20


Arias from the Marriage of Figaro

Symphony 31, Paris, K297

Saturday 19th October 2019

Concerto: 8pm

Family Matinee: 12pm


Adult Tickets – Upper circle: £18

Adult Tickets – Dress circle and Stalls: £25 – £27.50

Students: £15

Children under 16:  £5

Senior Citizens: £1.00 off all ticket prices

Family Matinee Tickets:

Adult: £12

Children: £5

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