Oddsocks: Pinocchio

2020-01-20 7:30 pm - 2020-01-24 9:30 pm

A wonderfully adventurous story, with heart-warming lessons to learn along the way, as our hand-made boy, Pinocchio, journeys through the world discovering just what it takes to be a real human. From villains and vagabonds to fairies and giant fish, Pinocchio meets adversity and adventure with equal measure and a jolly good dose of humour.

Will Pinocchio listen to the talking cricket? Will his father regret creating him? Will the whale swallow them whole? Find out when Oddsocks breathe fresh air into this magical tale.

The Oddsocks troupe tell a lively tale with imagination, music and skill. The story provides ample opportunity for their trademark style of madcap humour and is sure to have the audience rolling in the aisles and really getting involved.

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