OH Drama! ACT 2: 5 YEARS-7 YEARS

Exciting news! The children’s drama course, Dragons and Chameleons,has undertaken a revamp in its sixth year and is now called OH! DRAMA. Still run by the lovely Sarah and Louise the course now comes under the banner of Jersey Opera House with an ‘end of year’ production taking place on the main stage – yay! This means that the focus can be on building up the children’s dramatic technique so they get the most out of their experience of performing in this beautiful theatre.
Sarah and Louise will continue to work with all children in a fully inclusive environment and embrace diversity and difference whilst focussing on what makes each child shine uniquely. Drama helps children to use their imagination and creativity whilst building important social skills.
Terms 1 and 2
Team building – Creative play – Freeze – frame -Monologues
Term 3
Team building – Creative Play & Working on end of year performance

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