OYSTERS starring Nicholas Collett & Neil Salvage

A new dark comedy by Neil Salvage, with live music Johannes Brahms is attending a party to celebrate the first performance ofhis Violin Concerto – but his genius is overshadowed by his self-destructiveego. His friends are all there, but everyone is caught in a seething cauldron of passionate recriminations – and darkly hilarious outcomes. Everyone
has their own agenda – the arthritic, embittered and ageing Clara
Schumann from his past: jealous, unstable virtuoso Josef Joachim;
pompous and waspish critic Hanslick – and gentle friend and disciple Von
Herzogenberg. As the evening progresses and emotions turn on a
sixpence, the play moves to its extraordinary conclusion fuelled by
turbulent feelings and farcical misunderstandings. Laughing through our
tears we are continually challenged with the questions: Why art? – and what
price do we pay for it?

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