Rescapes – The Survivors

2018-04-09 5:30 pm - 2018-05-05 7:00 pm

Inspired by Jersey Arts Centre’s exhibition prior to Jersey Refugee Week, this exhibition celebrates the ability of individuals and humanity in general to overcome hardship and rejection, to pull through adversity, and to survive and thrive.
“Even the most disadvantaged person can find hope, and a renewed sense of purpose in their life if they receive kindness, compassion and support, and discover their own confidence and creativity” commented Rene Alemawo, himself once a street child and now an accomplished wood sculptor who has exhibited his art in several African countries, in Europe, Oman and the USA.

In his daily work in Senegal, Rene searches his surroundings for discarded pieces of wood and patiently brings them back to life, revealing the hidden beauty and value that he intuitively perceives in the wood – using only traditional tools.

Using this metaphor, through an exhibition of his work along with practical demonstrations and workshops, the artist will engage the audience in reflecting on the personal strengths, values and actions needed to survive life’s challenges – such as courage, solidarity, dignity and hope, and the spirit of belonging to a global family.

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