The Archive of Educated Hearts

2019-04-15 7:00 pm - 2019-04-18 7:00 pm

Supported by Macmillan Cancer Support Jersey

25 minute performance

Scrawled diary entries, answer-phone messages blinking on an old landline, a shoebox of postcards and cassette tapes winding stories across years and continents. The Archive is an intimate storytelling installation containing the remarkable moments that make up a lifetime. The audience are surrounded by relics and keepsakes that allow a glimpse into stories of kindness and courage; fragments of absolute joy and incomprehensible heartbreak.

The Archive is crafted from true stories of families facing breast cancer.

“…a show of quiet, fragile magic…a wonderfully warm environment of quiet and calm” – The List

Edinburgh Festival Fringe First Winner 2018

Suitable for 12 years +

15 April – 18 April
Monday: 7pm + 8pm / Tuesday + Wednesday: 1.15pm + 6pm + 7pm + 8pm / Thursday: 4pm + 5pm

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