The European Day of Megalithic Culture

On Sunday 29th April join the Société Jersiaise and Jersey Heritage, along with our fellow members of the Megalithic Routes project who are celebrating across Europe, to enjoy the European Day of Megalithic Culture at La Hougue Bie.
La Hougue Bie has granite sourced from different places around Jersey that were brought by Neolithic people to the site to construct the dolmen. Some of the granite came from the beach at Le Hocq, including the huge capstone over the entrance. We have set a hike from Le Hocq through the country lanes, along the approximate route which the stone was carried up to La Hougue Bie. It will be 5km long and should take 1 hour, the walk will not be guided so please take care.
Either follow our route from Le Hocq or make your own way to La Hougue Bie where you can enjoy the Neolithic activities on offer: food preparation, textiles, crafts, jewellery making and pottery.
Download the walking route at:

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