We’re Going On A Bear Hunt

J’allons à la chasse à l’ourse – We’re Going on a Bear Hunt in Jèrriais.

To celebrate the launch of a Jèrriais translation of Michael Rosen’s classic children’s picture book, the new Jèrriais teaching team would like to invite families to come and listen to the story and take part in Bear Hunt themed activities. What’s more, every family attending will receive a free copy of the book to take home and read aloud.

J’allons en attraper eune hardi grande! We’re going to catch a big one! Join us as we swish through ‘hèrbe’, squelch through ‘pité’ and trip through the ‘bouaîs’sie’ on a quest to catch the ‘ourse’.

The event will be an opportunity for children and their parents to hear Jersey’s native tongue, get used to how it sounds and perhaps even try to speak a little Jèrriais themselves along the way! J’n’avons pon peux! We’re not scared!

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