When the countryside came to town!FREE WALK

Join the Jersey Tourist Guides Association for a FREE 2 hour guided tour of St Helier every Thursday from 10.30am.
Meet at the St Helier’s Town Hall, 50 York Street, St Helier, Jersey JE4 8PA (map)
Delve into the many varied and fascinating aspects of Jersey’s capital. Every week a different guide from the Jersey Tourist Guides Association will take you on an easy themed walk revealing the history and life of the ancient and modern town of St. Helier. The Parish of St. Helier kindly sponsors this event. 
When country folk came to town, in days gone by, where would they meet up? In the market, of course. Any town of reasonable size and even some of very little size would have a market. Come and check out St. Helier’s markets, past and present. Some have come and gone but others have stayed the course. Each was different but they had one thing in common. Town and country mingled together. Some markets had other uses. What were they? Come and find out.

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