World Oceans Day

Join OCL on World Oceans Day and let us shine a light on change.


What: Lit up night walk.
Where: Set off from any point along St Ouens Bay and walk towards the lit up meeting point in the middle of the bay.
When: Friday 8th June. Set off at @ 9.30pm.
Why: World Ocean Day 2018
Who: Bring your family, friends and your dog, but most importantly bring a torch and let us celebrate this day together.


We invite our island community of individuals, local charities, ambassadors, ocean conservationists and people who both love and depend on the ocean to celebrate this incredible day.

Simply set off from any point along St Ouens Bay at 9.30pm with a torch and walk towards the lit up meeting point in the middle of the bay. Please note the location of the meeting point is subject to change depending on the sandbanks – watch this space for an update on the day.

Let us celebrate this day together. It’s the perfect warm up to GOOD Vibrations 2018 festival which is taking place on Saturday 9th June Watersplash Jersey.

We look forward to seeing you all on our shoreline!


We are an ecosystem of oceanographers, surfers, fisherman, filmmakers, lifeguards, ocean dreamers and freedivers whose lives have been shaped by the sea. We are united in our belief that regardless of our birth or shore we were raised, we have a shared human experience that connects us through expanses of ocean and deep swells of passion. It is our privilege to share our extraordinary lives with the world, to observe, record, care and celebrate our ocean culture with our communities. By providing a blue space to interact, collaborate, bring issues to the surface we can make a difference in restoring healthy oceans because we believe in the power of the ocean to nurture a meaningful connection to nature.

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** Please note the entire event will be filmed and shared across various online platforms **

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