Yer Tis

2018-09-03 - 2018-09-17 All day

Hi, I’m Jackie (Jax) Banner, a Jersey born and bred “older” lady who wanted a challenge in her 60th year.

But first let me take you back; I studied at Hautlieu school in the …..70s!….spending a lot of my time either on the sports field or in the Art dept. I gained ‘O’ levels including in my favourite subject, art, but left after lower 6th and before ‘A’ levels and my dream of Art School. I know, though, that shyness would have let me down at that time and there I left any artistic ambition.

A happy marriage, family and a career in finance followed until illness struck me down. Two years ago though, in my enforced retirement, I came across an adult education art course in a brand new medium for me, oils.

What a fantastic journey, (thanks to Michelle le Cornu and friends and family for their encouragement) and now “ Yer ‘tis ” …….my dream come true.

Please come along to the Jersey Arts Centre and take a look at my work in the Bar Gallery (03 September 2018 to 17 September 2018). There’ll be some scenes I hope you’ll recognise……and enjoy!

All sale proceeds will go to Pancreatic Cancer UK for a very special person in the family.


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