Round the Rock Marathon

Jersey, with its unique charm, is renowned for more than its prized potatoes, Bergerac, and endearing cows. The Round The Rock Marathon is a race like no other that offers memories to treasure and an array of picturesque landscapes.

Race Details:

We offer an array of Solo, Relay, Ultra, and Half Marathon races. The Marathon starts at Les Fontaines and takes runners on a scenic 26.2-mile route along the coast of Jersey. Get ready to experience breath-taking views, encounter unique wildlife, and join a supportive community of passionate runners. Don’t let this unparalleled adventure pass you by – register today!

Route Description:

The journey for Marathon participants begins at the scenic Les Fontaines. The route leads runners along the spectacular granite cliffs of the North Coast, promising unmatched views of the wild beauty Jersey has to offer. The route then takes you to the warm, sun-kissed sands of St. Ouen’s Bay, further enhancing your marathon experience. As the race unfolds, runners get to witness the picturesque South Coast, with iconic views of St Brelaides and St Aubins before reaching the finish line. Brace yourself for an exciting challenge: the marathon covers 26.2 miles and includes stunning ascents and descents along the way! The route follows the same route as the Ultra Marathon, but at 26.2 miles is ideal for runners wanting to see what the business end of the Jersey north coast is like, whilst taking part in a more manageable, yet still stunning challenge.

History and Future:

Trail Monkey is thrilled to manage this signature Channel Isles race, following in the footsteps of Digby Ellis-Brecknell’s successful tenure. Having celebrated the tenth anniversary of the Ultra Marathon race in 2020, we are enthusiastic about the upcoming decade of this fantastic event, and we hope you’ll be a part of it!

The Round The Rock Marathon started in 2020 and has proven to be a favourite for many runners, looking to get involved in the Round the Rock event, but not yet quite ready to take on the full 48miles. Alot of the participants have returned year after year to immerse themselves in the warm atmosphere and challenging course, and some tackle the ultra marathon further down the road! It’s the ideal race for those looking to push their distance or prepare for a more extensive event.

Are you ready to take on this invigorating challenge? Register now and bask in the beauty of Jersey’s coast!

Jersey is famous for many things: potatoes, Bergerac, and cows being the most obvious. However, the Round The Rock Ultra is an unforgettable gem of a race that will literally take your breath away.


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