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The Genuine Jersey Products Association champions and supports local producers and their island-wide products. From the iconic New Jersey Royal potatoes, Genuine Jersey Ice-Cream to local delicacies such as Black Butter and Jersey Wonders are just some of the fantastic selection of world renowned Jersey items.

The associations members ensure both the sustainability of Jersey`s heritage and traditions as well as being at the forefront of introducing pioneering farming methods, new crops and exploring previously untapped international markets. By purchasing local produce and products carrying the Genuine Jersey mark it ensures that you are supporting local jobs, boosting the islands economy and contributing in reducing the adverse effects of global warming, reducing air miles and Jersey`s carbon footprint.
The island is rightly proud of its abundance of fresh seasonal vegetables, locally reared meats and its freshly caught fish and shellfish that are delivered to your plate courtesy of the top chefs in the island.
Products that carry the distinctive Genuine Jersey mark include dairy goods, fruit and vegetables, herbs and salads, meat and poultry, fish and shellfish, beers, ciders, wines, spirits & liqueurs, breads, cakes, cookies, confectionery, low fat cocoa products, juices, sauces, relishes & marinades, preserves & honey which can all be found and sampled at various venues island wide including the Markets and Farm Shops, Deli`s, Café`s, Ice Cream stalls, Restaurants and Pubs.

For such a small community, the island boasts a huge diversity and variety of skilled crafts and artists who regularly display their excellent handmade products around the island at Genuine Jersey Farm & Craft Markets, Galleries, Studios, Heritage Sites, Farm Shops and Nurseries. So if you are looking for something unique and want to enjoy the best of what Jersey has to offer–then these are the places to go and see for yourself. Just look out for the Genuine Jersey hallmark – the guarantee of local provenance!
Crafty QuiltersWe stock a wide range of sewing supplies and accessories for all of your stitched projects: basic tools, cutting equipment, lots fabrics, waddings, haberdashery, all types of interfacings, Curtain and blind maker’s supplies.
Crafty Quilters started as a passion from a 5-year-old child being given her first Singer 99 hand cranked sewing machine.  My aunts were crafty ladies and as a young child, I was encouraged to sew, knit, crochet and do many other crafts. One of many aunts was a seamstress and taught me everything in sewing and importantly fitting of garments which is a skill not many may have. Now, as people are starting to make their own clothes this has put me in a very good position to help my customers.
Purple Panda Creations  – Purple Panda Creations was set up during the summer of 2017, by Catherine Highfield. It is a laser cutting business which specialises in personalised wooden signs for all occasions. In particular, her unique wooden Jersey map has been made as fridge magnets and hanging decorations for many special gifts
Lutlye Productions is a joint venture between Jennie Jewell, who writes rhyming stories for children aged between three and 93, and Mark Holley, who brings them to life with beautiful illustrations. Jennie has had a life-long love of rhyme and her stories are short, entertaining and relatable – definitely designed to be enjoyed by the grown-ups reading them every bit as much as the children they are being read to. Mark is a well-known local designer, illustrator and artist who also comes up with his own characters and story-lines to add to the pot.
Susan Lintell Artist & Illustrator – Susan Lintell is a local artist and illustrator, with a wide range of skills. She creates art in different media, from landscapes, portraits, surrealistic paintings and graphic design to cartoons and illustrations for books, book covers, and presentations. As a personal keepsake, or a unique gift for a family member or friend, the scope for commissioned artwork is limitless. Artwork can depict a home or iconic building, a portrait of a person, a pet, or a treasured possession such as a classic car.

Acorn Enterprises – Acorn Enterprises is Jersey’s biggest social enterprise, providing work and training for people with a disability or long-term health condition.Reuse prevents 60 tonnes of waste going to the incinerator or landfill every month.All trading income generated at Acorn is reinvested to further support our clients. Acorn Reuse Centre, full of bargains and gift ideas, Acorn plant nursery, Acorn Woodshack, for upcycled furniture and gifts from reclaimed timber, Acorn Café, offering home-cooked local food. (Acorn is run by the Jersey Employment Trust, which is registered with the Jersey Charity Commission, No. 158.)Jersey Fine Tea – We are a boutique producer of single-estate Jersey teas on the beautiful Channel Island of Jersey. Jersey Fine Tea is a single-estate, sustainable producer of authentic Jersey teas. Our seasonal range includes white, green and black speciality teas. Only the tender young leaves and buds are picked from our gardens and then carefully crafted to create whole-leaf finished teas. The teas are all characterised by mellow and attractive flavours and aromas, derived from our rich Jersey terroir.Jersey Wonders By Babs – I have been baking Jersey Wonders since childhood, following my nanny round the kitchen whilst she showed me the ropes! I am continually grateful to be a custodian of a unique Jersey Product packed full of heritage which is loved by all! Traditionally Wonders are an Easter treat, but why would you restrict something so scrumptious to once a year!? Wonders by Babs can cater for any function and can provide a wholesale supply service to any outlet if required.Jersey Sea Salt – Jersey Sea Salt is Rich in Trace Minerals. Jersey Sea Salt produces natural unrefined sea salt harvested ecologically from the pristine waters of the Channel Islands, dried without artificial heat and free from chemical additives. Jersey Sea Salt is a solar evaporated sea salt and thus the only energy used in producing our salt comes from the sun. We aim to have a positive impact on the environment and on the taste buds.The Jersey Tea Company – The Jersey Tea Company began in 2016 and is owned and run by two couples, Katherine and Terry Boucher and Michelle and Cardin Pasturel. We started The Jersey Tea Company because we wanted to be involved in working with the land (in particular thinking about regenerative farming and biodiversity) and doing something different to our “day jobs”. We researched whether it would be possible to grow tea in Jersey (looking at average annual rainfall; soil quality; sunshine hours etc.) and discovered that this could be something that worked! So, we started experimenting with tea plants in our garden, and progressed to having two fields and a nursery of tea plants.Martin Cotillard Woodturner – Martin Cotillard RPT started turning in 1996 and has turned in Jersey, New Zealand, France and the UK. He was enrolled onto the Professional Register of Turners in May 2018 and displays his work at the Harbour Gallery in St Aubin. Martin was the in-store wood turning demonstrator at the Axminster Power tool centre in Axminster, Devon. He turns pens, bottle stoppers and other small items as well as bowls, pepper grinders and specialises in wet turned hollow forms. He can be found at the St Aubin Farm & Craft market or contacted via the linkIsland Choice Bakery – Island’s Choice Bakery provides freshly baked breads and cakes to consumers in Jersey, Channel Islands. Island’s Choice Bakery is an established wholesale bakery, founded in 2012 by Joe Pinzari. Island’s Choice Bakery is not a factory.  Each bread and patisserie product is handcrafted by our committed and skilled teams, suppling local supermarkets, schools, caterers, care homes, corner shops, hotels, cafes, restaurants and takeaway outlets. We take pride in each product we make. Each product is made the day before it is delivered.Rachel`s Textiles StudioRachel makes a wide selection of unique Genuine Jersey handmade gifts,: pin cushions, cards, textile art and functional items including doorstops, bags and sew much more. The shop is an Aladdin’s cave; with exciting fabrics, trims and sew many sewing essentials. You can also use our Janome sewing machines. There is a great choice of sewing and creative textiles classes for students and adults of all levels throughout the year. Rachel is always happy to help



Aida de la Herran Jewellery – I design and make silver jewellery by hand using traditional techniques at my studio in the beautiful island of Jersey (Channel Islands). All my pieces are hallmarked at London’s Assay Office, Goldsmiths Company, under my initials AHS, guaranteeing the quality of the materials used. I am also a member of Genuine Jersey, a local association which promotes the diversity and quality of local produce and products.I work only in silver (for now) and hope to move to other metals soon.My designs are based both on things I see, mostly out and about Jersey, and images that just pop in my mind. Georgie Ng PhotographyGeorgie is a Jersey based Photographer who specialises in landscapes. She describes the influence of Jersey on her work: “The Island’s landscape lends itself to photography, great light, rough seas and long summer days. Each day is never the same so you’re guaranteed to capture something different each time.” A passion for photography and finding new exciting landscapes has led Georgie to many different countries. She loves to use her photographs to share the variety of places she has visited, as well as the many beautiful landscapes of her home island. “Chasing the light and keeping an eye on the weather is always key. My aim is to capture a moment in time, through the view finder, which I can then share with others.”

The Jersey Wonderer – (aka Collette Labey) has been making Jersey Wonders for just over 2 years as a little business. Selling usually on a Friday and Saturday from her porch in Grouville, she also supplies for any events including office birthdays, weddings, fetes, anywhere really where you would like a taste of Jersey Tradition. The Jersey wonder recipe is a local tradition handed down through the generations to Collette. Wonder recipes can differ from family to family on the Island and are not quite the same from one side to the other. Tradition has it that housewives only cooked their wonders as the tide went out. If they cooked them on the incoming tide, the fat in which the wonders were cooked would invariably overflow the potAnita Eastwood – Anita works primarily in watercolour with a focus on developing colour whilst trying to represent true form. Her choice of subjects gravitate towards florals and landscapes. She is interested in creating sweeping washes, and usually paints with a wet into wet style. The artist uses brushes and spray bottle of water to continue adding colours and shapes. The composition develops with layers of washes, whilst the use of spray keeps the edges soft creating varied effects.Victoria’s Jersey Island Sea Glass – I launched Victoria’s Jersey Island Sea Glass at the end of 2016. Sea glass was spilling out of vases throughout the house, which made me think of ways I could use it. Until then it was just a ‘collection’, but as I researched ways to use sea glass, I became consumed by the possibilities. So, I taught myself how to clean, drill and glue the glass and pebbles. The following year I was accepted as a Genuine Jersey member, something I am very proud to be part of.Alan Jeffries – Over the past few years I have made up stories based on my young grandsons various habits and past times. From these bedtime stories grew the “Jersey Adventures of Captain Rupert”, a pilot and his trusty sidekick Laurie the dog who live above the Aero Club in Jersey. They solve mysteries and take part in various adventures including , the theft of Jersey Royal potatoes, by a fake Jersey cow; avert disasters including a Red Arrows plane breakdown and get involved with all manner of fun and frolics. The stories are set in Jersey and include many well-known landmarks and regular local activities, such as Durrell’s, Oyster Beds and Gorey CastleJools Holt at The Harbour Gallery – I attended art college at the North East Wales Institute aka Glyndwr University during the Punk era. A memorable time because of the music, clothes, attitude and images. I use the term Artography to describe how I use photography and mixed media to create. My art is priced so that locals and visitors can afford to buy it and hopefully the series will expand to cover as much of the island as possible.Jersey Turbot – Wild turbot is hard to come by off the coasts of Jersey, so the late Dave Cowburn and his family remedied this deficiency with their successful turbot farm, accommodated in former German war tunnels at St Catherine’s Bay. The old gun emplacement houses about 6,500 turbot at any one time in roomy tanks filled with fresh sea water, from tiny 50p-sized fish weighing five grams to four-year-old turbot weighing about two to three pounds. Fish-farmed product can be less tasty and distinguishable because the fish are fed growth supplements. However, in the case of Jersey Turbot, there is no more fat than in wild fish, and the quality of their product has been attested by celebrity chef Marco-Pierre White, not known for his commendation of fish farming.Fauvic Nurseries – in Grouville, started a century ago when William Payn began growing outdoor tomatoes on land at Rocque cooled by the sea breezes, from the Royal Bay of Grouville. The nursery in Rue au Long in the parish of Grouville, is where you will find the well-known HolmeGrown store – the most southerly farm shop in the British Isles. There you will find a butcher, a baker, patisserie chefs, a green grocer an artist and a garden section. There is a café using Stanley’s and other local produce, many items from fellow Genuine Jersey members. A variety of products carrying the Genuine Jersey Mark are also on sale, reflecting Stanley’s philosophy of supporting local producers and produce wherever possible.The Chilli Kitchen – Lesley Garton makes a range of modern and traditional, chutney, relish, jelly, jam, chilli sauce, chilli oil and cordial from her farm house on the outskirts of St Helier and sells them through an Island wide network of retail outlets. Lesley decided right from the outset that she would use local, seasonal Genuine Jersey ingredients. If you have a crop of any fruit that you want to turn it into jam or chutney or if you have any ideas, old recipes or want something special, give Lesley a call on 01534 737277 and she will be happy to chat it through.Daisy Design Ceramics – I fell into ceramics quite by accident, 17 years ago at the age of 30 i lost most of my eyesight very suddenly and had to give up work. Thankfully my mum introduced me to ceramic classes and as the saying goes ‘the rest is history’. Out of something quite traumatic came my new life in ceramics. I spend most of my days in my ‘shed’ designing and making my items and I try to take part in as many markets as possible. I love the markets, meeting and chatting to loads of people. I also have a display stand at the Harbour gallery at St Aubin’s. In the last year I’ve diversified into wedding fayresFlour – Simply put, we are obsessed with Cakes. We are a Jersey based bakery delivering extremely tasty: cakes, tarts, cupcakes and miniature bakes right to your door. We have a whole selection here for you to try but we also take special bespoke requests too. Flour is the result of a love for patisserie and many devoted hours in the kitchen, creating the ultimate combination of flavours. Kirstie Taylor (Founder) has always been obsessed with attention to detail. Starting out as a photographer she soon took her creative eye to baking, using every ounce of her free time to conjure up delicious, elegant bakes.Valley Foods – is a locally owned and run food wholesale operation, with the aim of providing a fresh approach to the food and drink trade in Jersey. Over the years the business has developed – including being at the forefront of online shopping in Jersey – and it is now fully established at La Solitude Farm in the eastern parish of St. Martin. Valley Foods produces a range of ready meals, using local produce – including Jersey Angus beef – prepared and cooked by chefs using only fresh ingredients and local Jersey produce – in the on-site production kitchen. This range includes soups and the traditional Jersey bean crock (les pais au fou) which is best be described as a sort of Normandy cassoulet.





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