Genuine Jersey

The Genuine Jersey Products Association champions and supports local producers and their island-wide products. From the iconic New Jersey Royal potatoes, Genuine Jersey Ice-Cream to local delicacies such as Black Butter and Jersey Wonders are just some of the fantastic selection of world renowned Jersey items.

The associations members ensure both the sustainability of Jersey`s heritage and traditions as well as being at the forefront of introducing pioneering farming methods, new crops and exploring previously untapped international markets. By purchasing local produce and products carrying the Genuine Jersey mark it ensures that you are supporting local jobs, boosting the islands economy and contributing in reducing the adverse effects of global warming, reducing air miles and Jersey`s carbon footprint.
The island is rightly proud of its abundance of fresh seasonal vegetables, locally reared meats and its freshly caught fish and shellfish that are delivered to your plate courtesy of the top chefs in the island.
Products that carry the distinctive Genuine Jersey mark include dairy goods, fruit and vegetables, herbs and salads, meat and poultry, fish and shellfish, beers, ciders, wines, spirits & liqueurs, breads, cakes, cookies, confectionery, low fat cocoa products, juices, sauces, relishes & marinades, preserves & honey which can all be found and sampled at various venues island wide including the Markets and Farm Shops, Deli`s, Café`s, Ice Cream stalls, Restaurants and Pubs.

For such a small community, the island boasts a huge diversity and variety of skilled crafts and artists who regularly display their excellent handmade products around the island at Genuine Jersey Farm & Craft Markets, Galleries, Studios, Heritage Sites, Farm Shops and Nurseries. So if you are looking for something unique and want to enjoy the best of what Jersey has to offer–then these are the places to go and see for yourself. Just look out for the Genuine Jersey hallmark – the guarantee of local provenance!






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