Branding and Image Building

We bring people to Jersey. We get them to experience more while they’re here and to stay in hotels. How? Branding, image building and activating.

Everything we do — advertising, communications,,, &, social media, media relations, event and attraction promotion, and even playing up Jersey’s starring role in local culture — showcases and strengthens the ever-evolving Jersey brand.

As a responsible jersey tourism portal, VIBRANT JERSEY is always open to adapting how we brand and market Jersey to ensure that our messages are heard clearly and convincingly.

Here are some of the ways we achieve our mission.


The most powerful way we communicate the voice, essence and image of Jersey is through our four official websites,,, &

The sites are powerful calls to action that move people to visit and help them find the islands hotels, restaurants and attractions.

Since 2017 Vibrant Jersey has had over 220,000 unique visitors to our website, with over 450,000 page visits. Our most recent addition to our network, launched in October 2019 has already received 12,000 unique visitors and over 40,000 page visits, in a year that was highly affected by the Covid19 pandemic.

VIBRANTJERSEY seeks website visitors because we can convert “online visits” into “real-life visitors.”

Each web visit is an opportunity for VIBRANTJERSEY to improve that person’s impression of Jersey, increase their desire to visit and get them to do more things while they’re here.

And to that effect, great content is a conversion machine for

– Team VibrantJersey

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