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Just engaged? Looking to plan for your wedding? Once the thrill of becoming engaged has sunk in and you are able to peel your eyes away from the new addition on your finger, (well just for a second or two), it`s time to start making some very important decisions to kick start the planning of your dream day. We have listed many of our local suppliers & services below, to help you plan your big day.

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We highly recommend that you try to book well in advance, especially the services that are most important to you, as these will get booked up very quickly.

Some things to consider in planning your Wedding can be found HERE

Marriage and Civil Partnerships

Whether you choose to get married traditionally in a church, or for a civil marriage in the registry office or an authorised venue, in the first instance you will need to apply to the Superintendent Registrar.



Find your dream wedding venue in Jersey. Whether you are looking for a contemporary or traditional venue, a castle or historical site, something totally unique such as your favourite beach, or the elaborate wedding venue of your dreams, there is a perfect venue for you in Jersey.

Photography / Videography

Looking to capture your special day through either photo or video, then don’t let anyone persuade you that its worth skimping on wedding photography or videography. After all, once your special day is over, those photos and video are all that’s left to help you remember your day.

Event Planning

If you lead a very busy life through the demands of your jobs or children, or maybe have decided on a large wedding that will take a lot of organization, then consider hiring a professional wedding planner, who can help you to plan and prepare everything, from the engagement party through to your honeymoon and take some of the stress away.


Your wedding flowers are likely to be part of your wedding budget, so make sure that you find the wedding bouquets and centrepieces that you love and will make for that perfect day. See photos of wedding flower arrangements for some ideas and then find a local wedding florist that will help to make your wedding day one to cherish forever.


We know that being a Bride is a very special time in your life, bring your visions to life creating flawless styles and timeless looks that will make you feel your best on your big day and ensure your makeup will last through the tears!


It`s all about the dress! – right ladies? so make it an experience, not a decision. Find the dream dress to suit your style and budget. From Classic and Traditional, to Chic and Sophisticated, choose a dress that not only flatters your figure, but also suits your femininity and personality. Looking good is easy…our goal is to make you feel amazing.


Suiting and Booting for the big day has become an exciting event for men. With the vast array of different styles of suit now available and more accessories for those finishing touches, you can be sure to impress on the big day, just be careful not to upstage the bride!


Looking to plan your wedding food? Whether it is a wedding breakfast, a sit down evening meal or buffet, then try to provide a menu that best supports the style of your wedding. If you are using an outside caterer, we would suggest that you book early as these can get booked up often a year in advance. Catering is more than just about food, explore different menu ideas & discuss the presentation that best suits the theme of your wedding and also what is included in the cost.

Cakes / Favours

Looking for a specially made cake to share with your family and friends. Your wedding cake is probably the most significant confection you will ever buy, so it’s important to make sure you get the perfect cake for you. A great place to start is by searching through wedding cake pictures so you can decide which cake designs suit your style. Next is the fun part of tasting! From classic cakes to more ornate styles, there is something for every taste – literally!

Wedding Stationery

Invitations to your wedding will allow your guests to have the first hint of what your wedding theme will be about, so make sure that they are professionally done. From pre-designed wedding invitations that can be personalised with your details, assistance with wedding invitation wording and bespoke wedding invitations that fit with unique theme, we have everything you need at Vibrant Jersey Weddings.

Wedding Decor


With your special day drawing closer add that personalised touch to your day. Make your wedding decorations unique and truly unforgettable by giving an everlasting memory of your big day, whilst adding that unique touch to the celebration of your event. To make sure your decorations are a success – with no added stress – we’ve collected together a range of ideas for beautiful wedding decorations.

Live Music

As either an alternative or in addition to the traditional DJ at a wedding there are a large number of local musicians available to choose from at your wedding. Whether you are looking for a String Quartet, Jazz or a Modern Day Band, we have a vast array of musicians to choose from. Live Music at a reception is always welcomed to get your guests up dancing and entertained and will always add to the atmosphere to ensure your evening is remembered long after the event.



One of the best ways to leave an impact at your wedding is by providing some special entertainment, so think through what type of entertainment you would like to wow your guests. Whilst a live band or DJ will always go down well, maybe a magician, some dancers or a variety of outdoor games will bring those unforgettable moments to your big day.


Arrive in style on your big day and make sure you get to the church on time! It is not only important to think about how you will get to the church on time, but how will the other members of the bridal party get there? Also if you are having your reception elsewhere, then how will your party arrive there? If transportation is key to you, then bear in mind that during the summer months especially, it will be in high demand, so book early.

Wedding Gifts

Do you have a wedding list or are maybe looking for that unique gift? Coming up with ideas on what to give you as a wedding present isnt easy, as everyone has different tastes and you dont want too many toasters or crockery sets! Maybe create a wedding gift list for your guests to work to, or think of that special unique gift that cannot be repeated, such as a piece of artwork.


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