Jersey Travel Information by Air 

With over 20 flights to Jersey per day from over 25 airports and return fares starting from just over £50 in 2023, Jersey is well connected. We have provided an easy search list for travellers wishing to fly to Jersey. Once you have found the airport you want to fly from just click on the airline link and an online booking page will appear so you can see prices and book your flights.

There are currently no COVID-19 related restrictions at Jersey’s border.

Before you travel to Jersey:

  • you should check the entry and exit requirements for any country you will travel through on your journey to Jersey
  • you should not travel to Jersey if you have COVID-19 symptoms

For the most up to date travel advice from the Government of Jersey, refer to the latest Government of Jersey updates.

Flights to and from Jersey Airport – April 1st to October 31st 2024

Where an Airport is listed more than once, there are alternative Airlines operating from this Airport

Reasons for the British to choose Jersey
• No passport needed
• French/Continental atmosphere
• Finest British food plus global choice of cuisine
• English speaking so no language problem
• British currency (No exchange needed)
• Short flight duration from 26 British airports
• Excellent sunny climate – but not TOO hot
• Clean streets and parks, no graffiti
• Clean beaches and swimming pools (7 beaches voted cleanest in Europe)
• Very safe – little crime
• No fear of tropical diseases (Malaria etc)
• Pure drinking water – No “Spanish Tummy”
• No lizards or snakes in your bed
• Tornado, hurricane and earthquake free zone
• Driving on left (as UK) using UK licences
• Value for money holidays
• VAT free shopping
• Network of green lanes for cycling (15 miles)
• Exhilarating cliff walks
• World famous attractions eg Gerald Durrell’s Wildlife Conservation Park
• Award winning museums
• Full range of watersports activities
Getting to Jersey
Travelling can be a chore sometimes, but not when you’re heading to Jersey.
Are we there yet?
You can travel here seamlessly from the rest of the UK and from overseas, with regular air links to Jersey
When you arrive you will find there is easy access to all of Jersey`s 12 Parishes, whether by taxi, bus or hire car
Travelling To & Around Jersey
Wherever you are coming from, travelling to Jersey is convenient and simple, with lots of travel options available. Once here, the islands road network provides good access to all regions and to our many great visitor destinations.
Getting around Jersey
When it comes to exploring Jersey, it’s as much about the journey as the destination. You’ll find that travelling to the main tourist spots is a piece of cake and, with a little careful planning, more remote areas are readily accessible too.
So, now to consider how you’ll get around! Luckily, the island is well connected by an extensive road network, with a variety of options available for getting from A to B. Public transport provides bus services to parishes as well as many of the attractions Access to very remote areas is straightforward either on foot, bicycle or by car
Getting Around Jersey By Bus or Coach
Buses offer a cheaper way to get to many of the destinations within Jersey with special passes being available through Liberty Bus Passes to help you get the most out of your trip to Jersey, but keep in mind that it will take you longer to reach your destination.
Coach operators
Coach tours around Jersey are provided by:
• Waverley Coaches
• Tantivy Blue Coach Tours
Jersey Bus and Coach Tours
• Signature Coaches
Bookings for these services can be bought in advance by phone, online or through your tour operator or accommodation provider. For busy routes and when travelling  at peak times, such as weekends or national holidays, it’s a good idea to book as early as possible to guarantee a seat.
Driving in Jersey
Don’t forget, if you are planning to drive whilst on holiday then you will need a full new style photographic driving licence as well as a certificate of insurance which covers driving in the Channel Islands.
Visa and Passport requirements for Jersey
Although there are no immigration controls currently in place for travelling between the UK and Jersey and there is no requirement to carry a passport (unless you plan a trip to France whilst you are here) you will require photo id for air travel
Please check with your individual airline to see which form of photo id that they will accept



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Jersey Heritage
Freedom Holidays
St Brelades College in Jersey