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Some interesting facts about Jersey

• The island of Jersey measures just 9 x 5 miles
• Jersey is only 14 miles from the French coast
• Due to its Southerly location, Jersey is the warmest place in the British Isles
• The island is probably most famous for its Jersey cow and the 1980`s detective series “Bergerac”
• There are 12 Parishes that make up the island of Jersey
• Each Parish has its own Anglican Church with various other churches available for worship including Methodist and Roman Catholic
• Jersey is not part of the UK or the EU
• Jersey is a British Crown Dependency and is the largest of the Channel Islands
• Jersey follows GMT as in the UK
• English is the official language
• An ancient dialect of Norman-French (Jerriais) is still spoken by some islanders
• Jersey is a multi-cultural society with a large influence from both Portuguese and Polish cultures
• Jersey have their own currency which are equivalent to the UK`s with the additional £1 note still in circulation
• Sterling currency (GBP) can be used here, but Jersey currency is NOT accepted in the Uk
• ATM machines are widespread on the island
• The island is one of the world`s top offshore financial centres
• The island is VAT free, but there is a Goods and Service Tax which currently stands at 5%

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