Jersey has an abundance of accommodation options, from luxury spa and boutique hotels to campsites and hostels so you can be sure to find what best suits your needs and budget. We warmly invite you to come and explore our island and discover your ideal travel experience

Are you looking for a relaxing escape in the countryside where you can kick back, relax and unwind or to spend time with family and create unique Jersey memories to share with your children as you explore the many attractions and activities of Jersey.

The freshness of the floral air will energize you, the golden sandy beaches will relax you and the breathtaking natural beauty will renew you as you rediscover a special connection to nature on this beautiful island paradiseIf you are travelling as a couple, then graced by beaches, sunsets and getaways, romance is always in the air on this Channel Isle. Enjoy a sunset cruise around the idyllic coastal waters or a romantic coastal walk offering panoramic picture postcard views.Awaken your love of history by exploring Jersey’s rich and multi-layered history through various Museum exhibitions and discover historical sites and landmarks and sample island life and live the culture within the unique island of Jersey, there is nothing like it!With beloved neighborhood diners lining the streets,  VAT Free shopping and entertainment aplenty this is where the action is. A vibrant gathering spot with an unpredictable energy where you can enjoy the lively heartbeat of Jersey




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