Vibrant Jersey aims to represent the Voice of Jersey people in the promotion of our island. The vibrant colours of our logo represent the extraordinary power and significance of today’s consumer through their collective voice in determining the most recommended brands, products and services. In today’s cluttered market, consumers have more choices than ever before and less time to do their homework. Vibrant Jersey allows people to choose with confidence, knowing that other people across Jersey have tried and experienced that brand or service and would highly recommend it to their family and friends. The vibrancy of the website allows people to help other users to make smart choices for themselves and their families. The design of Vibrant Jersey portrays a timeless symbol of livelihood for all Jersey People and is symbolic of the strength and power of today’s consumer. The wave image is one of relevance for generations to come, supporting today’s decisions and playing a key role in setting the highest standards of excellence which brands strive to achieve.

Our Vision

To be the most visited travel destination in the British Isles

Our Mission

The mission of Vibrant Jersey is to advance the prosperity of Jersey’s visitor economy and the livelihoods that depend on it. This is achieved by advertising and to connect local commerce, increasing consumer buying power whilst driving more business to local merchants through price and discovery.

Commitment to Community

Vibrant Jersey recognises the important role it needs to play in the community, both as a supporter of local charities and as a conduit to the area’s tourism industry. We aim to work closely with many local organisations to enrich the quality of life in our community. Through education and economic diversification to supporting the local businesses, Vibrant Jersey aims to play an important role in making Jersey a great place to visit – and to live.

Building a Strong Tourism Industry

However important our partnerships with community organisations are, Vibrant Jersey`s primary focus is to ensure the health of our island`s tourism industry. Through our marketing and advertising efforts, Vibrant Jersey engages with consumers to choose Jersey for their next short break or holiday. Achieving our mission is directly linked to our ability to forge partnerships among local tourism businesses to implement destination marketing programs that will build a stronger tourism industry for all.

We are a diverse team who share a strong sense of values and integrity, high energy and passion for our work. Working together, we deliver outstanding results and exceptional service. Our aim is to involve local people to help promote the island that they love

If you want to be a little better, be competitive.
If you want to be exponentially better, be cooperative.

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