Age Concern Jersey’s services and activities are open to all elderly people (those aged 55+) living in Jersey.

Age Concern Jersey seeks to support the older Jersey population in mitigating or overcoming the known difficulties faced by many in later years –

•    declining physical health and/or fitness

•    declining mental health and/or acuity

•    loneliness, whether occasioned by physical isolation within the
home, distance from family or any other factor

•    loss of confidence, occasioned by the above

•    financial hardship

Age Concern Jersey does this by providing a range of services to mentally and physically stimulate, and empower, the elderly –

[*]   group exercise classes which contribute to better physical fitness

[*]   group activities, such as outings which provide mental
stimulation and social interaction

[*]   group arts and crafts classes and singing, which provide an
opportunity for social interaction and contribute to mental wellbeing

[*]   ad hoc talks informing about eligibility for benefits

[*]   lunches at Windsor House, which provide an opportunity for
social interaction and a nutritious hot meal at a reasonable price

[*]   the frozen meal service which provides nutritious meals at a
reasonable price, delivered to the door;

[*]   transport facilities, enabling attendance at these activities by
those who would otherwise be unable to attend/have difficulty in
attending Windsor House

[*]   Windsor House, generally, as a place where the elderly are free
to drop in on weekdays and will be assured of a friendly face and


Contact Details

Paul Simmonds
Senior Manager
Email:  [email protected]

Age Concern Jersey
Windsor House
Val Plaisant
St Helier

Tel: (01534) 758922
Tel: 0800 735 0345 (free phone)
Email: [email protected]






Age Concern Jersey receives no financial support from the States of Jersey for the administrative operation of the charity and relies totally on the generosity of the local community to support its work. Age Concern Jersey is also not affiliated to any other charity.


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