Milli's Separated Family Centre is a community organisation that works with everyone affected by family separation in order to bring about better outcomes for children.

Our services are available to parents who are caring for their children alone, those who are sharing care and those who are not able to spend time with their children. Parents, carers, grandparents, or anyone else with concerns about family separation are welcome.

  • Our child focused work is designed to help parents:
  • Understand and deal with their own and their children’s experiences of the separation.
  • Make private arrangements for how their children will spend time with both of them.
  • Work out how to provide financially for their children and
  • Improve communications so that they can manage the transitions that come with separation in the years to come.

Child Contact can sometimes be problematic leading to fraught and stressful handovers, especially for the children our child contact centre can help with supported contact, or we can offer a pick up and drop of service.

Our charity’s aim is to offer free support to all those going through family separation. We operate 7 days a week and rely solely upon donations. If you can help, need more information, or would be interested in volunteering please visit our website or contact us.

Millis Separated Families Charity Shop

Contact Details

The Co-ordinator
Milli’s Separated Family Centre
9 The Parade
St Helier

Telephone 07797-798192

Website:- Millis Separated Family Centre

Facebook:- Millis Separated Family Centre



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